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We worked for tea production in tea gardens for nearly 30 years. Tea gardens were never technology savvy people. I remember when smart phone came into the market, tea planters were not visibly (but mentaly might be somethin else) not interested about that. They used to take pride on not knowing, how to send SMS. This not only seems Funny ! But actually it is funny.
So market was there and it was vergin. But the problem was trust of the potential buyers.
Every Indian buyers were habituated to buy either from auction or from the auction buyers or from the local wholesalers who buy it from auction buyers.
Automatically, this long chain of buyers enhances the price. But relation between this chain of buyers are in many cases years old so trust was there.
But we are new entrant that too through internet.
Assam Tea
As I said earlier internet was popular among young generation and older generation was proud that they did not know how to send SMS.
Our obsevation was and still is that there is a vast majority of probable entrepreneur who want to start tea business. Because tea is consumed by every household in every neighbourhood. So market is ready, just a reliable supplier is required who would supply good quality tea at reasonable price and in reasonable quantity. Problem was tea gardens were not ready sell less than 1 truck load that meand 10000 to 12000 kg, But for new tea businessman, it is a huge quantity and normally he can not take risk of investing around Rs 15 lakhs in his new initiative.

Under this situation, we approached 6 tea gardens to sell their tea at small quantity directly to buyers. 2 of them rejected us, their logic was that they produce 10 lakhs kg of tea then how many buyers would be required sell entire tea. One senior tea garden owner named Mr Ghose told that this time of the year, moving on Assam road was difficult because of buyers arrive from all over India, so he did not require to sell his tea online. Rest four accepted our offer and agreed to sell minimum 500 kg at a time.
Then we introduced www.assamteasellers.in
Assam Tea
for selling minimum 500 kg tea. We introduced the website in February 2015 and by April 2015 the website became quite popular. We were selling tea not only throughout India but also started exporting abroad.
All the four tea gardens recoverred and bvecame viable. Those 2 gardens who refused to sell their tea are now looking for their garden buyers.
Our success was made possible because we were directly selling our tea from tea gardens to small buyers at cheapest rate.
Now in 2021, we have started www.assamteasellers.com to sell Assam tea including Black Tea, Green Tea, Yellow Tea and White Tea. Again, since it is direct supply from Tea Garden to your home we are still supplying better quality tea at cheaper prices.

Today on 16th June 2021, tea auction took a unusual turn, 3 gardens of Assam, Sotai got Rs 477/- per Kg, Borbam Rs 410 and Banamalie Rs 401 per kg. But these are not common men\' tea. Good quality tea are sold, which we use everyday, at around Rs 220. Tea prices are not fixed, it changes regularly. This is second flush period, best tea are made during these month. Naturally garden expects better prices.

How to stop Spam Mails

As a popular tea ecommerce platform, we get many emails and phone calls everyday at www.assamteasellers.in . As usual with every popular platforms, many of those email are spam emails and malicious software like ransomeware, trojan or spyware. If you are careful, you wont click on those links even whatever inducements or news of disaster they give, if you do not click their links. To stop these spam mails and malicious mails, we put auto reply telling that we are busy now but if it is not spam mails, we will sure check the mails for the time being they may check our another website www.localmatrimony.in . We also mention that if it is spam mail then, it will be automatically deleted and we wont be replying that. We actually decided to get some publicity from these spammers. Lets make some gains from these nuisense. May be after sometime those fools will realize that they were fools to send us spams or ransomware.

We do not know how much publicity, we got but neither spammers nor hackers were discouraged. They continued their mails. Because, they do not have to spend any significant amount to send mails. They just make a software to send continuous mails. Being a hacker or spammer, making an easy malicious software is a normal job for them like eating.

We knew that hackers wont stop till we are popular, but normal spammers can definitely be stopped. As you know and experienced spammers can be all types of pimps, someone is SEO expert, some wants to invest huge money in your country, some may be a pure pimp and some other may want to buy some useless items from your country or what not.

To discourage them, we started writing them back with copy to all other spammers. So that every spammers can see other spammers email ids. We were polite in our mails. Something like the followings-----

Assam Tea
Hi, We sincerely welcome your visit. Actually no one visits this website. If you kindly visit and post in our website then search engines may enhance our ranking. We do not mind if you are a failed SEO expert or a pimp like ( pimps' emails ids) , we will delete your profile immediately but please visit at least once every day.

We used to give first addressee email the latest spam mail we get and that followed by all other spammers. These we did for not less than and half months. Then we started getting results. Some frustrated spammers started blocking our email id. But their emails were already in the open either through other spammers or through us.

Now after nearly 2 months, we do not get any spam mails from those people but hackers are still active.

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